Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SmartBro and FaceBook Do Not Mix

One of the joys of being online is to connect to friends using social media and networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. You want to get into the act and are asking if it is wise to get SmartBro so that you can claim your own personal space in Facebook.

SmartBro always touts its up to two mbps download speed. I already mentioned in my previous posts that this is very far from the truth. But there is another problem aside from the slow download speed; and that is very, very slow upload speed. Try asking a SmartBro sales agent or service representative what the download speed of SmartBro Share-It is and they’ll instantly tell you “up to 2mbps, ma’am.” Try asking the same person what the upload speed is and they’ll go “ah, uhm, well…”

Let me answer it for you. says it’s 3kbps. Yep, three. That is 0.003mbps. The problem here is that you need a decent upload speed to upload all your photos and video clips to your Facebook account and SmartBro is not up to the task. A Facebook account with no photos are not much fun. So, to spice things up in your Facebook account, skip SmartBro and look for something else—preferably DSL.

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