Monday, February 8, 2010

New Bloggers Having Smart Bro Problems

As I have said in my first post, this blog’s mission is to inform future ISP subscribers of the poor quality of Smart Broadband’s Smart Bro Internet. Without SmartBro reviews in blogs like this, the public would easily be deceived by SmartBro’s numerous false and misleading advertising. And after they fall for it, Smart Bro’s well-engineered contract will make sure that they get locked in for good. It will now be very difficult for them to terminate or end the Smart Bro contract.

Hopefully, people will listen to the warnings in this blog and save themselves the trouble and expense of subscribing to SmartBro. But even if they do not heed the warnings here, I still don’t consider it a loss. Sooner or later, they will find out that Smart Broadband is a hoax and will blog about it. This will spread the word out to more people faster.

If you choose to subscribe to SmartBro’s Share It or Plug It junk despite the warnings in this blog, at least warn others after you realize that you’ve just walked into a trap.


  1. hehehehe! you're too good dude all that is in your blog really is true I strongly agree... More power to people like you... ROCK ON MAN!

  2. nkakainis yang smart bro.... Lagi nlang walang connection samin (maliban ngayun)....Bayad kami ng bayad pero yung serbisyo nila ndi nla inaayos..!!