Sunday, December 20, 2009

Smart Bro Internet Problems

In my first post, Welcome to my Smart Bro Review Blog, a lady who calls herself Skinbottledtears left a comment. Since that is actually an About This Blog page, I decided not to publish the comment there. But I do find it a bit interesting so I’ll address it here.

The comment is a bit long so I won’t put it here in its entirety. I’ll just give you the essence and maybe, I could save your time. Basically, what she said is that I should not waste my time warning people about Smart Bro problems because not everybody is having problems. But please note that Mary Ann’s actual comment does not sound anything like that. She really took the time to express herself in a nice and friendly manner.

However, I really do not see it her way. While not everybody is having Smart Bro internet problems, a good majority does. You can confirm this by posting a query in your favorite search engine for “Smart Bro”, “Smart Bro Problems” or “Smart Bro Sucks”. Repeat the search using SmartBro instead of Smart Bro and you’ll have a lot of pages to read. You can also try searching in Twitter to see what people are saying about Smart Bro. Just ignore the tweets of Smart Bro minions telling people how Smart Bro is the greatest thing since slice bread. If it were, why would there be more than a few overly unsatisfied users?

Even if not everybody is having problems, why should I not warn new users? A lot, if not the majority, are having Smart Bro connection problems and Smart Bro speed problems. I am having Smart Bro problems. Potential users should know that before they sign on the dotted line and get locked in. They should know that many, even if not all, are highly dissatisfied with Smart Bro internet. If they would still think that they will be one of the few lucky, satisfied customers and gamble their money, then good luck to them.

From the new user’s standpoint, I’m sure that they would want to know if there is any problem with Smart Bro’s speed or connection even if that problem may not apply to all because there is a big chance that it might apply to them. If nobody says anything about how Smart Bro sucks just because it does not suck to some, (like to Smart Bro’s minions) then people will think that there is no problem with Smart Bro internet which, of course, is false.

If you, my reader, were travelling on a road through a hot summer day, thirsty, would you dare drink from a clear, seemingly clean river when (even just) a quarter of those who drank from it got diarrhea? Would you dare tell those who got diarrhea not to warn others because it’s different for different people? I wonder.


  1. ..bulok net nyo..mga manloloko1. mbilis nga net kaso..lulubog lilitaw nmn ung net!! prang t@nga! ...ayusin nyo yan..!! from baguio!

  2. Smart Broadband Inc. better do something about this. Your Smart Bro Share-It, Plug-It and now Surf-TV is an expensive, good-for-nothing service—and that's not an exaggeration. It's like paying for the price of DSL but getting the speed of dial-up. No kidding!!

  3. AH EXCUSE US.....PARA SA INYO SMART bro internet putanginaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nyoooooooooooooooooooooooo oras oras mga ouki ng ina nyoooooooooooooooooooooo tutal di kayo makausap ng matno di murahin na lang kayu atlist mga puki ng inaaaaaaaaa nyo nakaanti na kami sa mga panloloko nyo mga utang ina nyo kundi loading internet explorer.......TANGGGGGGGGGGG INA NYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  4. tang ina nyoooooooooooooooo smart broooooooooo internettttttttttttt

  5. tang ina talaga 2 years lock in, wala namang kwenta net bwesittttttttt!

  6. Bakit may problema sa DNS server ang smart bro at nagloloko ang internet at minsan may oras may internet at may oras din wala

    bakit ganun?! pakiayus nmn nyo p ang serbisyo

    nagbabayad p nmn kami :(

  7. oo ang bagal ng internet gamit ko hing usb stick pang unlisurf 50 tapos di magamit sobrang bagal kaya nag kukumputer nalang ako sa shop eh tapos pagnagtanunng ka sa kanila sa smart bro sasabihin nila kumputer namin ang may deperensya kaylangan daw magupgrade sos mga manloloko nayan tapos ang bilis kainin nang load 50 ko shiit niloloko talaga tao kaya ako minsan nalang maginternet sayang pera ko at kuryente

  8. ang bagal talaga sobra kakainis