Friday, December 4, 2009

Welcome to my Smart Bro Review Blog

What Smart Bro Reviews Blog is About

This Smart Bro Reviews Blog is about how Smart Bro Share It sucks big time. By writing this blog, I hope that I can help other people by informing them what they are getting into before they get tied to a two-year contract which they will find costly to terminate.

Without blogs like this, people will easily be mislead by Smart Broadband, Inc.'s misleading advertising. Note that I said misleading and not totally untrue. Which part is misleading and how it is so? Stay tuned for that!

What Smart Bro Reviews Blog is Not

Smart Bro Reviews is not about pushing a competing broadband internet service. I am not writing what I write here for the sake of advertising another broadband product. You need not worry about that. When I say that Smart Bro Share It sucks or that Smart Bro Plug It sucks, it’s because they do—not because I have something else to sell or because I work with a competing broadband service provider.

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  1. i have the same incident, the time na magpapakabit na ako parang gusto ko magback out nag ask ako sa agent if pwede ko ma back out ung subscription, pwede daw kaso it wud take months b4 ko makuha ung money ko. so i asked her what wud be my best option, sabi nya consume ko nlng dw ung 1st month then leave it nlng dw and be prepared na may tatawag na mga agents nla, mmonths past wla na twag, but lately may demand letter na sila pinadala, na shock ako sa amount 26k, and they will settle for a certain amount of 2k+ for compensation, a month lng ung nagamit dahil automatically pag lagpas ko dun cut agad nla ung connection, tinago ko ung mga equipments para hndi madamage, ready ako if kunin nila but sa certain amount?no way 1month lng un saka pinutol nila agad connection, mahirap sa pinas ung government natin is not protecting its people, dti? ntc? san sila kapag nangunguha ng load yung mga telecom companies? piso lang kinuha sa load? population? nsa 120 million na tayo nagyon, ilan dyan ung nsa smart/globe? let's say 10 million nsa smart, pag kumuha ka ng piso/subscribers load = 10million, ouch ..ang msakit mas mahal pa ng gobyerno natin ang mga mayayamang negosyante, businesses bsta may pera..busog sila dyan eh. mga impluwensyadong tao ang nsa likod ng telecon giants dito sa atin...just like the saying "no one will care till somebody famous dies"...